Technical Support for the Traditional Weavers in Lombok

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UNESCO with RedR Indonesia collaborated to support the preservation of tenun as one of intangible cultural heritage which also working on maintaining the livelihood recovery of the weaving communities who were affected by the 2018 earthquake. In responding the need, a six days Training of Trainer (ToT) on Motif Digitization was held in Chanderi and New Delhi, India from 2nd to 8th September 2019. The purpose of the training was to enhance the capacity of the weaving communities in documenting their current motifs and create new ones digitally by using the weaving software technology.

Four weavers representing weaving communities of Bayan, North Lombok and Pringgasela, east Lombok have been actively participated in the ToT. They have learnt the basic steps of drawing their own simple motifs digitally on the installed software and furthermore applied them on their own loom that they brought all the way from Lombok to Chanderi. The combined theoretical and practical training has allowed them to document their motifs digitally and applied the motifs on the modified loom under the supervision of local experts. During the practical session, they were also given opportunities to discuss how to improve their weaving technique efficiently. Besides, they also managed to visit a “loom park”, two-story buildings with 240 looms installed, where most of male weavers working in. The 12 buildings in the loom park were constructed by local government and the local weavers have been using them as their weaving workshop since 2016. Last but not least the team also managed to visit “cottage industry” where the locals and their family weave in their own house. A follow up training to advance their skill on the more complex motif and design has been scheduled to be held in Lombok in early October 2019.

The ToT was one of activities under the UNESCO funded project “Technical Support for the Traditional Weavers in Lombok” which has been implemented by RedR Indonesia in collaboration with two Indian organizations, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) for motif digitalization and Wonder Weaves Systems (WWS) for software installation. The project focuses on cultural preservation in disaster prone area aiming to build back better the weaving communities than before the disaster.

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