RedR Hands-on Field Experience Trip 2019

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In April, RedR Indonesia partnering with RedR International held a two-week Field Experience Trip in Yogyakarta and Pacitan. This trips aims to help the participants deepening knowledge in disaster management and getting to know better the Indonesian context, with a focus on natural disaster-prone areas. Eleven participants from various background coming all the way from England, Scotland, Jordan, Germany, Zimbabwe, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia to join this program.

After their arrival in Indonesia, participants were accommodated in the southern part of Yogyakarta. They had the opportunity to share their current projects in order to update their other colleagues from other RedR institutions. After being introduced about the planning for the following days, they went for a tour around Tembi Village, organized by Dave Hodgkin.

The third day of their stay, they moved to the northern part of Yogyakarta, closer to the Merapi Volcano. They were introduced to the local community, which shared their experiences about the latest Merapi’s eruptions. In addition, BPBD Sleman and BPPTKG members were invited to the occasion to talk about Merapi 2010 eruption, its danger and threat, as well the system implemented to monitor its activity.

While staying in the Merapi area, the participants worked in groups simulating natural disaster’s emergency responses. By sharing their knowledge and past experiences, the participants could learn from each other and apply their expertise to the chosen response. After discussing about the management of the project, they had to present their project to the other participants and community members whom gave them feedback.

Moreover, participants could attend to workshops focusing in disaster management topics as well as emergencies and early recovery. Being onsite, they could learn from study cases of the areas and from national institutions’ experiences.

After a week of staying in Yogyakarta, participants moved to Pacitan where they could strengthen their knowledge about floods, landslides, and tsunamis, as well as the respective responses. BPBD officials from the area presented their Disaster Response Program and shared past experiences regarding disaster risk management. Participants also learned about coordination among different local and national institutions such as PMI, SAR, Dinsos and Forum PRB.

During their stay in Pacitan participants got to know better the natural disaster-prone areas as well as to explore together with local authorities and community’s mitigation techniques. Furthermore, they could be part of a real time disaster relief simulation which was based in the information facilitated by the communities, taking the 2017 flooding and landslides as the main focus experience.

All in all, participants had the opportunity to focus in natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides, which are unfortunately common in the Indonesian area. RedR Indonesia team hopes that this experience has been fruitful and has achieved participants’ expectations.

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