RedR Indonesia believes in a world in which sufficient, committed and competent personnel are available and responding to humanitarian needs. Moreover, RedR’s mandate is to develop the capacity of individuals and organizations who work in emergency response as well as improving aid delivery.

RedR Indonesia provides humanitarian assistance when and where it is needed the most. Therefore, RedR Indonesia’s roster brings the opportunity for humanitarian personnel to be members of a standby roster which enables United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organizations, as well as Indonesian government access to trained experts in humanitarian crisis.

The roster consists of a selected group of humanitarian professionals who draw on significant experience in a range of fields, including WASH, education, nutrition, engineering, coordination, shelter, logistics, public health, protection, as well as information and project management.

RedR Indonesia is responsible for deploying experts in the field who have passed selection processes such as undertaken interviews, personal assessments, as well as training, to ensure they previously acquired the desirable skills for field work. Professionals are meant to hit the ground running when deployed to support disaster-affected communities, alleviating suffering during times of crisis.

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